Extract 2009

Between Extract and Office Space, I wonder what kind of jobs Mike Judge has had that have led him to make so many funny observations about the American workplace. The best moments in the movie are the small moments that explore sexuality and racism and drug use. Whether in subversive commentary or obvious fingerpointing there are some really funny places that this movie takes us.

I really enjoy the way this movie explores personal relationships. Conversations within the workplace lead to conversations at the bar and then back to the house. Sometimes, it seems, we lead several lives at once. We have a tendency to be different people at different times and this movie's humor lies within that dynamic.

Somewhere within these factors we have a man who is complacent in his marriage, a girl who wants to make a quick buck and a great Trump style cameo by Gene Simmons.

Jason Bateman is perfect, as always, and who better to let us know that there can be a happiness found our everyday lives, as long as we enjoy who we are and what we do.

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  1. I've kept a red stapler on my desk for years. It's always interesting to see who gets it.