Twilight 2008

My favorite thing about the vampire genre is all the different ways that the same or similar stories get told. There is a certain number of variables that are generally maintained and then each story has it's own twists on those.

Twilight comes from some very popular books that came out in the last few years. Much like The DaVinci Code, the movie can't possibly live up to the hype of the books. Maybe I am wrong, I haven't read either set of books, but I doubt it. The overproduced simplicity of the Twilight film, for me. is it's downfall.

There is nothing quite interesting or extraordinary about this movie. I am sure that the meladrama of the high school setting will appeal to the young audiences and will doubtlessly spawn a slew of Harry Potteresque sequels. I just don't think that these films have or will have the staying power for a viewer like myself. There are so many things you can do with the idea of worldly exploration within a junior in high school, unfortunately this movie stays right in the middle.

A new girl in town meets a peculiar boy, learns some lore of the region (albeit very quickly) and then becomes friends with vampires and a love interest for one of them. Then we learn of a struggle between good and evil vampires and.....I am sure any normal movie viewer can fill in the blanks.

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