Heat 1995

I remember going to the theater to see this movie. I was so terriblly excited to see a new movie by Michael Mann. Growing up, Miami Vice was my favorite TV show and I watched every episode in season. At the end of every episode there was that Michael Mann production logo. Up until the time that Heat came out, I didn't follow Mann's body of work that closely. Ever since, however, I have followed him quite closely and acutely. I will say that the tone and vision and complete attention to detail that he puts into his work make him one of the greatest in the business.

I the last 15 years, this movie hasn't lost an ounce of punch. We follow along with the criminals of high profile burglary as well as the police who follow the major cases into a downward spiral that inevitably ends with either being caught or being killed. I can't deny that I have a deep love for the crime drama, so I have no problem sitting through 3 hours of watching the story unfold. I also enjoy the idea of entering a story a little late and leaving the plot tad early, so answering questions for myself makes this (and most all of Mann's work) an exceptionally fun movie for me to watch. Add to all of this, the beautiful photography of Dante Spinotti and, well, enough said.

Part of the beauty of the story isn't just the crime and the chase, but more in the details of who is doing the crime, why they do said crimes, and who is chasing and what they sacrifice in order to keep chasing or committing crimes. Then comes the action! One of the best shootout scenes of the 90's, good lord that is a lot of bullets and the LAPD aren't ready.

I could give a play by play, but I have decided to let everyone find out that stuff on their own.

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